The Center for Continuing Ed is pleased to offer this class in partnership with STEM Alliance and MacInspires! Explore the world of Making in the 21st Centruy! Circuit Playground is an Arduino microcontroller, a small computer we can code to interact with the world around us! Circuit Playground is the perfect introduction to electronics and programming because it’s packed with sensors and it’s easy to code with a Scratch like programming language. We will learn how to control it’s RGB LEDS, accelerometer, sound and light sensors, speakers, buttons and more all through code. Variables, loops, conditional statements and more will be used in conjunction with the device’s outputs to create inventions like an interactive digital game (think Simon), custom night light that reacts to the light around it, a magic trick to impress your friends and more! This is the perfect class for young minds to be prepared for a world of technology!

Travis Sluss is a 2007 graduate from Purchase College with experience in graphic design, programming, electronics and music production. Sluss has over a decade of experience in teaching and is the founder of MacInspires, which provides STEM education programs for local kids. 

REGISTER / STEM Alliance Scholarship available HERE

Day: 6 Thursdays
Dates: Jan 16th – Feb 27th
Time: 3:30 – 5:30 PM
Location: Mamaroneck High School, Palmer 107
 Fee:  $220

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