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  • “The best art lecturer I’ve ever had”

    “The best art lecturer I’ve ever had”

    “She was terrific! I was spellbound for two hours!” –Myra L.

    “This teacher was amazing, the best art lecturer I’ve ever had. She was incredibly knowledgeable, and made great connects between artists and those they influenced. She covered an amazing amount of art in a short time.”–Student of Art Appreciation with Jill Keifer

    Teacher: Jill Kiefer

  • “Wonderful!”


    “The class is good because the teacher is wonderful!” – Judith G

    Virtual Tours and History with Ginny Poleman

    Teacher: Ginny Poleman

  • “Superb in every way”

    “Superb in every way”

    “Astounding quality of teaching, analysis, discussion and deeply thoughtful and researched curriculum. Ivy League level course sneaking its way into adult Ed!”  –Laurie S.

    Teacher: Lori Rotskoff

  • “Passionate, lively, informed”

    “Passionate, lively, informed”

    “Leslie Blank is one of the most passionate, lively, informed teachers that I could ever dream about. The best gift I gave myself this year! Fabulous content and even better instruction and discussion.”–June O.

    “You have a gem of an instructor, Leslie is a wonderful facilitator.  Her love of teaching and American history shines through.  All the discussions are thoughtful, well-prepared, and lively!” –Student of American Lives with Leslie Blank

    Teacher: Leslie Blank
    Current Course(s) Taught: In the News, Short Stories: Best American Stories 2020

  • “Always interesting”

    “Always interesting”

    “I love Mike’s film choices and his commentary –- both are always interesting. He usually chooses films I haven’t seen or gives me new perspectives on those I have.” –Jayne L.

    “Dr. DiGennaro provides thoughtful commentary and analysis of carefully chosen independent films.” –Robert R.

    Teacher: Michael DiGennaro

    Current Course(s) Taught: Independent Films: Now and Forever! Mondays

  • “Each class was enjoyable”

    “Each class was enjoyable”

    “Nora is an excellent teacher. The course was a good mix of grammar and conversation. Nora is patient, non-judgmental and encouraging. Her relaxed, upbeat manner ensured that each class was enjoyable.” –Margo B.

    “Nora is an absolutely wonderful teacher and so attentive to and respective of our individual learning needs. Her class is a joy and has been a lifesaver during the pandemic” – Lisa P.

    Teacher: Nora Desrayaud

    Current Course(s) Taught: French Beginner, for French Advanced Beginner, French Intermediate, French Advanced


  • “A delight!”

    “A delight!”

    “Ettore is a delight!  Learning a new language can be difficult, but Ettore makes it fun. He is also very patient.”– Kate S.

    Teacher: Ettore Viazzo

    Current Course(s) Taught: Italian Beginner I, Italian Beyond Beginner II, Italian Beyond Beginner/Intermediate, Intermediate Italian/Advanced Italian

  • “charming and magnetic”

    “charming and magnetic”

    “Esther is charming and magnetic. She draws the class together so we feel like family.”–Marie B.

    Esther is one of the best teachers I have ever had. She encourages and motivates all in class. – Lois H.

    Esther is an excellent teacher and more importantly she is kind, patient and compassionate and likes to have fun in class too. She is a Renaissance woman!–Lorraine S.

    Teacher: Esther Tesan
    Course(s): Spanish Beginners – Evening, Spanish for Seniors, Spanish: Beyond Beginner, Spanish Intermediate, Spanish Intermediate/Advanced

  • “A fantastic teacher”

    “A fantastic teacher”

    “Ze’ev Aviezer is a fantastic teacher – I have taken many of his courses.  He always demonstrates an amazing knowledge of whatever he is teaching.  I always look forward to getting your catalog and seeing his name listed.”–Lori G.

    Teacher: Ze’ev Aviezer

    Course(s): Kabbalah: Its Traditional Texts and Historical Practice

  • “Does a Great Job”

    “Does a Great Job”

    “I have been practicing yoga for 15 years.  This was my first class with Kyle, and I loved it because she introduced postures and stretches that I’ve never done before.  She does a great job of actually teaching and describing.”–Student of Yoga with Kyle Greenberg

    Teacher: Kyle Greenberg

    Current Course(s) Taught: Yoga Flow from Home

    Yoga Flow/Pilates

  • “Easy to Understand and Follow…Engaging”

    “Easy to Understand and Follow…Engaging”

    “Exactly what I’d hoped for! Very casual and extremely informative. Well-organized. Very helpful slides. Easy to understand and follow. Engaging. Patient. Very responsive to questions. “–Student of Accountable Aging with Sarah E. Meyers

    Teacher: Sarah E. Meyers

    Current Course(s) Taught: What Happens When Someone Dies Without a Will?

  • “A perfect class for me”

    “I have been taking Inge’s class for over 10 years. I have a bad back and this technique of general stretching and rethinking our daily movements has simply been a must continue/ perfect class for me.”– Jacqueline D. 

    Teacher: Inge Unger

    Current Course(s) Taught: The Feldenkrais Method: Natural Healing from Stress and Pain, The Feldenkrais Method: Natural Healing from Stress and Pain – Evening

  • “Wonderful teacher”

    “Wonderful teacher”

    “Angie is a wonderful teacher. She explains the grammar clearly and keeps the conversational class flowing beautifully.”–Carolyn B.


    Teacher: Angelika Liessl

    Current Courses Taught: German Beginner, German Beyond Beginner, German Intermediate, German Advanced

  • “World class”

    “World class”

    “Ronnit did a world class job of her zoom class. Her coverage is always the most interesting, it’s a fun and social evening during these Corona times…”

    Teacher: Ronnit Vasserman

    Current Course(s) Taught: Visual Art of the Black Power Movement


  • “Everything a teacher should be!”

    “Everything a teacher should be!”

    “Amy is brilliant, dedicated, encouraging-everything a teacher should be!” –Will S.

    “The course was so good we asked to extend it for another four weeks!”


    Teacher: Amy Ralston Seife
    Current Course(s): Creative Writing: Writing for Sanity

  • “I highly recommend this course to everyone”

    “I highly recommend this course to everyone”

    “I thoroughly enjoyed the class taught by Jo Jayson. She’s a wonderful teacher as well as a talented artist. She made a point of guiding us throughout the art class in a constructive way that made learning a real experience. Individual attention was always given to those when it was required. On a scale of 1-5 she was definitely a 10! I highly recommend this course to everyone, even if you think you have little or no artistic aptitude.” –Robert Acerbo

    Teacher: Jo Jayson 

    Course(s) Taught: Painting the Face with Water Based Oils, Drawing the Figure, Drawing and Painting with Water Color Pencils


  • “Expert ceramics instructor”

    “Expert ceramics instructor”

    “Michael Dollar is a wonderful, laid-back, but expert ceramics instructor, and the atmosphere in the class is very friendly and collegial, with many returning students.  There are practically no limits to what you can create.” –Mindy B.


    Teacher: Michael Dollar

    Classes Taught: Ceramics for Beginners, Ceramics for Intermediate & Advanced


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