Here’s what our students are saying!

  • “always interesting”

    “always interesting”

    “I love Mike’s film choices and his commentary – both are always interesting. He usually chooses films I haven’t seen or gives me new perspectives on those I have.”


    Teacher: Michael DiGennaro

    Classes Taught: Independent Film

    Submitted by: Jayne L., Mamaroneck, NY — November 2015
  • “a superb communicator”

    “a superb communicator”

    I am an experienced meditator, as taught by Transcendental Meditation and Deepak Chopra. After reading about Mindfulness, I was intrigued and wanted to study Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) as taught by Jon Kabat Zinn, the founding Executive Director of the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts. I was thrilled when LMCEE offered MBSR by a teacher certified through Mr. Zinn’s program. Practicing MBSR was life changing and Laurence Magro is an excellent teacher. Laurence is a superb communicator and made MBSR accessible to everyone in the class. I am grateful to Laurence and LMCEE for this experience.

    Teacher: Laurence Magro

    Classes Taught: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

    Submitted by: Gerilyn B., New Rochelle, NY — September 2016
  • “expert ceramics instructor”

    “expert ceramics instructor”

    “Michael Dollar is a wonderful, laid-back, but expert ceramics instructor, and the atmosphere in the class is very friendly and collegial, with many returning students.  There are practically no limits to what you can create.”


    Teacher: Michael Dollar

    Classes Taught: Ceramics for Beginners, Ceramics for Intermediate & Advanced

    Submitted by: Mindy B., Larchmont, NY — January 2016
  • “wonderful teacher”

    “wonderful teacher”

    “Angie is a wonderful teacher. She explains the grammar clearly and keeps the conversational class flowing beautifully.”


    Teacher: Angelika Liessl

    Courses Taught: Beginner German, Beyond Beginner German, German Beginner Level II, German Intermediate

    Submitted by: Carolyn B., Larchmont, NY — December 2015
  • “a life-changing course”

    “a life-changing course”

    “This was a life-changing course. Laurence has deep knowledge of the subject and is a very skillful facilitator as well as teacher. Her professional psychotherapy background is reflected in her careful ability to lead group discussions and ensure that they stayed on track with the lessons. The curriculum was extremely well prepared and the pace was perfect – it was a great mix of instruction and different types of practice. With Laurence’s gifted teaching ability, every single participant became deeply engaged in the subject, connected with the group and invested in the practice. I cannot say enough about how much this class meant to me and what a wonderful instructor Laurence is.”


    Teacher: Laurence Magro
    Classes Taught: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

    Submitted by: Anne R., Mamaroneck, NY — September 2016
  • “on a scale of 1 – 5, I would rate this a 6!”

    “on a scale of 1 – 5, I would rate this a 6!”

    “This was a fantastic course. (On a scale of 1 – 5 ) I would rate it a 6. Everybody in the class seem to have a great time – Cheryl was knowledgeable and generous. I would highly recommend this to any of my friends and would take future courses offered by Cheryl!”


    Teacher: Cheryl Brause

    Classes Taught: Meditation & Mindfulness

    Submitted by: Jean Marie S., Mamaroneck, NY — May 2016
  • “each class was enjoyable”

    “each class was enjoyable”

    “Nora is an excellent teacher. The course was a good mix of grammar and conversation. Nora is patient, nonjudmental and encouraging. Her relaxed, upbeat manner ensured that each class was enjoyable.”


    Teacher: Nora Desrayaud

    Classes Taught: French for Advanced Beginners, French Intermediate, French Advanced

    Submitted by: Margo B., Mamaroneck, NY — December 2015
  • “very talented”

    “very talented”

    “I love this class. Hope is very talented and makes the material very digestible for students. I feel like I have progressed a lot. She has created a loyal following and we all love taking her classes session after session. She never runs out of projects or things to teach us.”


    Teacher: Hope Friedland

    Classes Taught: Watercolor Painting

    Submitted by: Shanna J., Mamaroneck, NY — November 2015
  • “great canasta instructor”

    “The course was a lot of fun. The two hours flew by. Sharon is a great canasta instructor. She was able to teach us all how to play canasta while making it thoroughly enjoyable.”


    Teacher: Sharon Steinberg

    Classes Taught: Canasta for Beginners and Canasta Strategy for Intermediates

    Submitted by: Amy R., Larchmont, NY — December 2015
  • “dynamic and thought provoking”

    “dynamic and thought provoking”

    “The instructor was very dynamic and thought provoking. She had us doing challenging, interesting exercises to get us thinking.”


    Teacher: Valia Glytsis

    Classes Taught: Paradox of Leadership

    Submitted by: Ellen S., Rye, NY — April 2016