Here’s what our students are saying!

  • “Such a pleasure to work with and learn from”

    “Such a pleasure to work with and learn from”

    “While this is still a work in progress, 8 or 9 weeks ago I wouldn’t have dreamed I could do this. While we worked only in pencil it was by mutual consent that we continue in pencil and not move on to oil. We all felt we had a lot more to learn and Jo was more than happy to help. She is such a pleasure to work with and learn from. Five plus stars!”




    Teacher: Jo Jayson

    Classes Taught: Painting the Face with Water Based Oils, Drawing the Figure, Drawing and Painting with Water Color Pencils

    Kathryn Acerbo , Larchmont, NY — June 5th, 2019
  • “I highly recommend this course to everyone”

    “I highly recommend this course to everyone”

    “I thoroughly enjoyed the class taught by Jo Jayson. She’s a wonderful teacher as well as a talented artist. She made a point of guiding us throughout the art class in a constructive way that made learning a real experience. Individual attention was always given to those when it was required. On a scale of 1-5 she was definitely a 10! I highly recommend this course to everyone, even if you think you have little or no artistic aptitude.”



    Teacher: Jo Jayson 

    Classes Taught: Painting the Face with Water Based Oils, Drawing the Figure, Drawing and Painting with Water Color Pencils


    Submitted by: Robert Acerbo , Larchmont, NY — June 3rd, 2019
  • “Always interesting”

    “Always interesting”

    “I love Mike’s film choices and his commentary – both are always interesting. He usually chooses films I haven’t seen or gives me new perspectives on those I have.”


    Teacher: Michael DiGennaro

    Classes Taught: Independent Film

    Submitted by: Jayne L., Mamaroneck, NY — November 2015
  • “Expert ceramics instructor”

    “Expert ceramics instructor”

    “Michael Dollar is a wonderful, laid-back, but expert ceramics instructor, and the atmosphere in the class is very friendly and collegial, with many returning students.  There are practically no limits to what you can create.”


    Teacher: Michael Dollar

    Classes Taught: Ceramics for Beginners, Ceramics for Intermediate & Advanced

    Submitted by: Mindy B., Larchmont, NY — January 2016
  • “Wonderful teacher”

    “Wonderful teacher”

    “Angie is a wonderful teacher. She explains the grammar clearly and keeps the conversational class flowing beautifully.”


    Teacher: Angelika Liessl

    Courses Taught: Beginner German, Beyond Beginner German, German Beginner Level II, German Intermediate

    Submitted by: Carolyn B., Larchmont, NY — December 2015
  • “On a scale of 1 – 5, I would rate this a 6!”

    “On a scale of 1 – 5, I would rate this a 6!”

    “This was a fantastic course. (On a scale of 1 – 5 ) I would rate it a 6. Everybody in the class seem to have a great time – Cheryl was knowledgeable and generous. I would highly recommend this to any of my friends and would take future courses offered by Cheryl!”


    Teacher: Cheryl Brause

    Classes Taught: Meditation & Mindfulness

    Submitted by: Jean Marie S., Mamaroneck, NY — May 2016
  • “Each class was enjoyable”

    “Each class was enjoyable”

    “Nora is an excellent teacher. The course was a good mix of grammar and conversation. Nora is patient, nonjudmental and encouraging. Her relaxed, upbeat manner ensured that each class was enjoyable.”


    Teacher: Nora Desrayaud

    Classes Taught: French for Advanced Beginners, French Intermediate, French Advanced

    Submitted by: Margo B., Mamaroneck, NY — December 2015
  • “very talented”

    “very talented”

    “I love this class. Hope is very talented and makes the material very digestible for students. I feel like I have progressed a lot. She has created a loyal following and we all love taking her classes session after session. She never runs out of projects or things to teach us.”


    Teacher: Hope Friedland

    Classes Taught: Watercolor Painting

    Submitted by: Shanna J., Mamaroneck, NY — November 2015
  • “dynamic and thought provoking”

    “dynamic and thought provoking”

    “The instructor was very dynamic and thought provoking. She had us doing challenging, interesting exercises to get us thinking.”


    Teacher: Valia Glytsis

    Classes Taught: Paradox of Leadership

    Submitted by: Ellen S., Rye, NY — April 2016
  • “what a value”

    “what a value”

    “This class was fabulous – Heather was a fantastic instructor….what a value!”


    Teacher: Heather Segal

    Classes Taught: Presenting with Impact

    Submitted by: Nancy B., Larchmont, NY — April 2016