“She was terrific! I was spellbound for two hours!” –Myra L.

“This teacher was amazing, the best art lecturer I’ve ever had. She was incredibly knowledgeable, and made great connects between artists and those they influenced. She covered an amazing amount of art in a short time.”–Student of Art Appreciation with Jill Keifer

Teacher: Jill Kiefer
Current Courses Taught: Color Field Painting: A Modern Mythic Art, Fernando Botero: The Charm of Exaggeration, Georges Seurat: An Eccentric and Maverick

Helen Frankenthaler: The Joys of Pure Color, Hieronymus Bosch: Master of the Bizarre!, John Singer Sargent: A More Vibrant Type of Portraiture

Georges Seurat: An Eccentric and Maverick


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