When classes went online in March 2020, many students floundered. Untethered from the daily
structure of bells and teacher reminders, some forgot deadlines – others never even started schoolwork.
The Center’s long-time “Study Skills and Time Management” Dr. P. (Dr. Dominique Padurano) has
completely overhauled that popular course’s curriculum to help students achieve academic success in
the era of distance learning.  Dr. P. teaches students how to make a daily schedule, bolster motivation,
and use technology to help rather than hinder their intellectual growth. She’ll also cover self-care
strategies, reading critically, and studying techniques. “Succeeding as a Distance Learner” will be taught
via Zoom through a combination of lecture, group discussion, role-playing in breakout rooms, and
“hands-on” activities with students’ own Google Classrooms and Calendars.

Dominique Padurano
3 Wednesdays: 11/4 – 11/18, 
7:00 PM-9:00 PM / Course Fee: $200.00



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