Learn Italian in a fun, supportive environment. Students learn basic grammar, vocabulary and simple
conversational skills. The teacher supplements instruction with excerpts from books, movies and current
events to illustrate the culture and traditions of Italy. Your Instructor is available for consultation.
Technology will dictate the transmission of materials.
Ettore Viazzo is a native speaker with experience in international finance. Has lived in France and
England for several years before moving to the States. Has learned foreign languages as an adult (fluent
in French and English). In 1988 joined the Larchmont Fire Department and he was a member for almost
20 years. He has been teaching Italian for more than ten years.

10 Wednesdays: 9/16 – 12/2, No class 11/11, 11/25
7:00 PM-8:30 PM / Course Fee: $200



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