Holidays/School Vacation Days

Classes WILL NOT MEET on the following days: April 2nd-6th (Mamaroneck School District Spring Break)

Inclement Weather & Closing Information

We will not contact you if your class is canceled due to inclement weather. If you are in doubt if a class is running, it’s your responsibility to find out and you may do so by calling the office at 914-698-9126 (the message on our answering machine will be updated) or checking the home page of websites or

If the Mamaroneck School District cancels school, The Center’s classes will be cancelled as well. If the District calls for a one-hour delay, morning classes will begin 1/2 hour late; if there is a two-hour delay, morning classes are cancelled and afternoon and evening classes will meet as scheduled. If weather conditions become severe later in the day, check web-sites, and, or call the office, 698-9126. Cancellations will also be announced over radio stations WVOX (1460 AM) and WFAS (1230 AM).

Make up Dates: A make-up class is offered, wherever possible, when a session is cancelled due to inclement weather, teacher illness, or other unavoidable circumstances. The make-up class is usually scheduled the week after the last regular session of the course, and we will not issue a refund if you are unable to attend class on the make-up date. Students assume all risk of changes in their personal schedules. An absence in either a scheduled or re-scheduled class does not result in a refund, tuition credit, or make-up session.