Helen Frankenthaler: The Joys of Pure Color
Helen Frankenthaler was among the most influential artists of the mid-20th century. She invented the “soak-stain” technique, in which she poured turpentine-thinned paint onto canvas, producing luminous color washes that appeared to merge with the canvas and deny any hint of three-dimensional illusionism. A pioneer of Color-Field painting, Frankenthaler’s airy compositions celebrate the joys of pure color and give an entirely new look and feel to the surface of the canvas. Join us to experience the aesthetic beauty of her extraordinary works.  Monday, May 10 @ 2pm. REGISTER

Instructor: Jill Kiefer, PhD, is an art historian and teaching artist. She’s been designing, coordinating and leading programs and tours in Art History and Fine Arts for over thirty years—in university, institutional and community environments around the globe. Jill is the Founder and Director of What About Art? an enterprise devoted to bringing a knowledge and love of art to EVERYONE! A native New Yorker, Jill recently relocated back here from southern California. While there, she taught for Mount Saint Mary’s College, Pasadena City College, Glendale College and the Palos Verdes Art Center. Jill is the Director of Programs in the Arts for Warnborough College Ireland/U.K., where she earned her M.A. and Ph.D. degrees.


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