Back again by popular demand, this unique course for 9th and 10th graders and their parents has been designed by longtime teacher Dr. Dominique Padurano to help students achieve academic success. Dr. P, the owner and Head Tutor of Crimson Coaching, an elite tutoring firm, teaches students skills including managing time and stress; techniques for reading a textbook; outlining; taking notes; and studying for tests. She also guides parents through how to effectively monitor and assist their children at home as they experiment with these new strategies. Dr. P will lead the group through hands-on activities, role-playing exercises and group discussions to teach these skills and to foster improved communication between parents and children, as well as between families and teachers, counselors, administrators, coaches and other adults in the school community. Students must be accompanied by a parent at each session to be allowed entry to the class. The fee is per family.

Dominique Padurano, PhD, is the President and Head Tutor of Crimson Coaching ™ , a New York City-based tutoring firm and college application consultancy. A magna cum laude graduate of Harvard, Dr. Padurano also possesses a Master’s degree in Secondary Education and a PhD in U.S. History, 4 NYS teaching certifications, 12 years classroom and 30 years tutoring experience. Recent private clients have received admissions to Princeton and Georgetown, and past students’ work have been published in The Concord Review. Dr. Padurano’s own published work includes “Consuming ‘La Bella Figura’: Charles Atlas and American Masculinity, 1910–1940,” in Making Italian America and “’Isn’t That a Dude?’: Using Images to Teach Gender and Ethnic Diversity in the U.S. History Classroom,” in The History Teacher. Currently, Dr. P, as she’s known by her students, is writing a guide for parents of high school aged students based on her blog, Desk to Nest, which can be read at Dr. P lives in Riverdale with her dog, Blanca, tutors and consults throughout the tri-state area, and can be contacted directly at

Day: 3 Mondays
Dates: Jan 30 – Feb 13
Time: 7:00 – 9:00 pm
Location: MHS Palmer Rm 115
Fee: $200

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