Are you terrible at remembering names? Forget where you put your car keys? In this workshop you’ll learn the secrets of developing a near-photographic memory, with very little effort. You’ll discover easy and sure-fire ways to instantly recall names, faces, lists, instructions, school work, English and foreign vocabularies. Whether you’re a student looking to get better grades, a sales person who has to remember your customers’ names, employed or not, 15-95 years old, you will profit from this course. Workbook is included.

Marc Sky has been amazing and helping people with his unusual abilities worldwide. Marc has been featured on television, and in newspapers and magazines both in America and overseas. Marc specializes in workshops, psychic house parties, lectures, seances, entertaining ESP programs for parties as well as hypnotizing people to help them overcome personal problems such as weight, stress and smoking.

Day: Wednesday
Dates: Nov 30
Time: 5:30 – 7:00 pm
Location: MHS Palme Room 115
Fee: $40

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