This essential class teaches you to use three main programs that are the core of your digital life. Use Contacts to create, edit, import & export contacts, email, street addresses, phone numbers; see on a map; create groups; sync. Use Mail to setup and use email to send, organize, search, forward & reply, receive; attach photos & documents; save email contacts; add your signature; make mail rules; sync. Use iCal to create and edit calendars, events, alarms, reminders, notes, birthdays; share calendars, sync your iDevices with iCloud or iTunes. NOTE: For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Macintosh users. Bring your device(s); some prior knowledge required. Please email your 3 questions/topics at least 1 day before class starts to your instructor at:

Donald Gambino is a computer artist, consultant, educator and private trainer, helping people become the masters of their digital information and technology for career, leisure, and everyday life since 1983. Formerly the chairperson of the Department of Computer Art at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, he created the school’s BFA program in computer art. Please visit for more information.

Day: 2 Tuesdays
Dates: Nov 15  and Nov 22
Time: 12:30 – 2:45 pm
Location: Mamaroneck Library
Fee: $75

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