Have you ever thought about capturing your family’s stories, but then were overwhelmed as you struggled to find a way to begin? The process is actually easier than you may think with the structure, guidance, and warm supportive environment of a Storykeeping workshop.

Storykeeping is a modern approach to preserving family stories that is practical and easy-to-use. Learn how to identify the stories of your parents, grandparents, and your own life that matter, and then capture them in short story segments we call Slices. In this introductory workshop, you’ll create 2 or 3 family story Slices that will be a priceless gift for your children, their children, and the generations to come. No special writing skills are required.

How we tell our family’s story has implications for health, wellness, and sense of purpose. According to research, children who know multi-generational family stories have less anxiety and greater well-being.




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