Learn why Vogue calls Bullet Journaling the “life hack to your racing thoughts,” and the New York Times thinks it will save your life in the center’s introduction to Bullet Journaling!

In this eight session course participants will master the structure of creator Ryder Carroll’s mindful practice, using a pre-printed notebook designed to declutter your mind and cultivate your curiosity. Originally created by Carroll in an effort to find alternate ways to be focused and productive after being diagnosed with learning disabilities, bullet journaling is a successfully proven methodology with an with an emphasis on goal setting and behavior tracking. Guided by internationally renowned editor Michelle Levy, you’ll master the components of bullet journaling, including monthly overviews of big picture goals and daily logs. Fee includes Bullet Journal and other supplies.

‘“I like to describe what I do as giving people an empty house that they fill with their own life… Only add what serves you, and be patient with yourself, because it’s a new thing. You’re not doing it right, you’re not doing it wrong, you’re just figuring it out as you go along… It’s another reason why I love the notebook,” he said. “It’s like every day is another chance.”’  Ryder Carroll, taken from the New York Times.


Day: 8 Tuesdays
Dates:  Oct 15th – Dec 3rd
Time: 12:00 – 2:00 PM
Location: Larchmont Temple, Room 2
 Fee:  $310


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