Below are the Center for Continuing Education’s policies for all Afterschool Enrichment Programs. These policies are established and implemented to insure our students have an enriching and safe experience.

Emergencies/First Aid

Our Program Manager will be in our office, in the building during class. Should an emergency arise, the teacher will contact her immediately. The progam manager will then facilitate the necessary arrangements and contact the student’s guardian.


Students grades 3-5 must be signed out at the end of class by a parent or guardian. Program Manager will manage the sign out process and will be there at the end of class to facilitate. Middle School students are released on their own.

Cell Phones

Cell phone use is not permitted in class, as it may negatively affect the classroom experience. Teachers may confiscate phones if necessary and return to the students at the end of class.

Inappropriate Behavior

Students get one warning for bad behavior in class. If the behavior persists, teachers can contact Program Manager who will sit with the student in the office until the end of class, and communicate with the parent as necessary.